Final program

The conference has been approved for 9 CPD points

Monday 5 November


Management of the abdominal wall in the emergency setting


Registration 9-10

10.00 Welcome A de Beaux, UK


Chairs: Al Windsor, Aali Sheen

10.10 Primary closure of the emergency laparotomy. Filip Muysoms, Belgium

10.30 Lessons from the HART study. Jared Torkington, UK

10.45 How to manage the acute hernia/deep wound dehiscence/burst abdomen. Chris Lewis, UK

11.00 A personal view of emergency hernia surgery. Nebil Behar, UK

11.15 How do you approach a female with an acute swelling in the groin? Bruce Tulloh, UK

11.30 What’s the role of laparoscopic surgery in the emergency hernia? Liam Horgan, UK

11.45 When do I decide to leave the abdomen open? Nikhil Misra, UK


12.00 Lunch/Exhibition


12.55-13.25 Gore Industry symposium

Chairs: Dimitrios Damaskos, Chris Lewis

13.30 Sir Astley Cooper lecture. Reflections on the open abdomen. Where did we start and where have we got to? Rao Ivatury, USA

13.50 European Hernia Society open abdomen guidelines. Manuel Lopez-Cano, Spain

14.10 The open abdomen registry. Lessons learned. Federico Coccolini, Italy

14.25 Open abdomen in the battlefield. Stuart McKechnie, UK

14.40 How to manage the open abdomen with a fistula? Jonathon Epstein, UK


15.00 Break/Exhibition


Chairs: David Sanders, Duncan Light

15.30   Open abdomen and mesh fascial traction closure techniques. Ulf Petersson, Sweden

15.45   Clinical case scenarios and discussion. Dimitrios Damaskos UK, Chris Lewis, UK.

16.15 Management of the late open abdomen, and reconstruction of the ‘healed’ open abdomen. Andrew de Beaux, UK

16.30 How do I decide on and undertake component separation for abdominal wall reconstruction. Al Windsor, UK

16.50 Comfort break!

17.00 The best oral poster presentations for the Brendan Devlin Prize, 2018


17.50 Presentation from TESLA


18.00 Reception in the Assembly rooms


19.00 The night begins?! Remember locked doors to the quiz at 08.30 tomorrow.


Tuesday 6 November


08.30 The infamous BHS quiz – with big prizes! Brian Stephenson, UK


Chairs: Brian Stephenson, Jared Torkington

09.00 AWR deserves MDT status. David Sanders, UK

09.15 PROMS. Are we asking the right questions? Neil Smart, UK

09.30 What should a British Hernia Registry look like – what should we measure? Sam Parker, UK

09.45 As a patient, let me tell you what hernia surgeons should measure! Sue Blackwell, UK

10.00 Sexy, media and medicine: breaking down the abdominal wall. Nicola Dames, UK


10.15 Medtronic Industry symposium


10.55 Break/Exhibition


Chairs: Andrew de Beaux, Martin Kurzer

11.25 Confessions of a medical rep. Ruth Hodgkinson, UK

11.40 CE marking, the changing face of industry standards explained – and it does matter to YOU! Ben Rochette, France

11.55 What’s wrong with mesh in hernia surgery? Duncan Light, UK

12.10 How I approach the patient with a hernia who does not want a mesh repair. Peter Driscoll, UK

12.25 How I approach a patient with groin pain and no overt hernia. Aali Sheen, UK

12.40 What are the limits of groin hernia surgery under LA? Maciej Pawlak, UK

12.55 Guidelines – do they help or hinder clinical decisions? John Kinsella, UK


13.10 Lunch/Exhibition

Chairs: Neil Smart, Liam Horgan

13.55 Video presentations for the BHS Video prize

14.25 The IPOM technique has few indications now. Aman Bhargava, UK

14.40 Minimally invasive techniques to keep the mesh out of the abdominal cavity in ventral hernia repair. Wolfgang Reinpold, Germany

15.00 What’s the big deal with robotic hernia surgery. Filip Muysoms, Belgium

15.20 Presentation of prizes. Andrew de Beaux, Liam Horgan

15.30 Goodbyes