Which operation should I have?

Generally speaking there is not very much difference between the operations in practice, as long as they are performed well. The surgeon’s expertise in a particular a technique are at least as important as the type of repair that is being performed, and it is important that this decision is made after discussion with your surgeon.

In certain circumstances keyhole ‘laparoscopic’ repair may be beneficial. These are:

  • recurrent hernias (that have come back after being surgically repaired before using the open operation),
  • bilateral hernias (hernias in both groins),
  • hernias in women (there is some evidence that women have a higher chance of another undiagnosed hernia that is not easily seen during open surgery),
  • very active patients whose predominant symptom is pain.

In certain circumstances open repair, using local anaesthetic may be better e.g. patients who are older and have other medical problems, оr patients who do not want a full general anaesthetic.