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Abdominal wall reconstruction tariff

Abdominal wall reconstruction tariffs:

The deadline to respond to the public consultation on this tariff is midnight 21st February.

NHS England and NHS improvement are suggesting an uplift in Tariff for abdominal wall reconstruction (AWR) for 2019/2020 to £6450. (£4361 in 2018/2019) This is the first time that AWR is recognised as a procedure.

The BHS supports the review of tariff for complex abdominal wall operations. You received an email on this issue from the BHS last week. This document gives you some context about AWR tariffs. However, the new proposed tariff is too low. Please read the information and if you agree the proposed tariff is too low, then please respond as set out below.

How did we estimate a tariff for AWR? 

In 2018, a group of clinicians, alongside GIRFT and NHS RightCare, ‘mapped’ out the cost of a complex AWR.

The NHS has also looked at the FF60 and FF61 codes for AWR. They recognised that the new codes should be uplifted, to a max of £6,450. However, based on the work above, the proposed new tariff of £6450 is not enough and should be closer to £15,000.

Start using these codes to ensure your trust is paid correctly.
a)- HRG codes: New FF60 for Complex abdominal hernia introduced alongside
Existing FF61 for abdominal hernia.
b)- OPCS codes: New T28 other repair of ant abdo wall
New T32 Reconstruction of ant abdo wall.

How can we respond? 

When a tariff is first set, it is sent out to ‘public consultation’. This gives surgeons and managers the opportunity to express their views. To influence the tariff for next year please follow the instructions below before midnight at the end of 21st February 2019. Click on the overview first and then view the other two links below and complete.

Overview link

Step 1 Click on and go to this section Currency design and scope of currencies.

  • When on the page, please click   ‘TEND TO OPPOSE/STRONGLY OPPOSE’.
  • in your response please mention that OPCS to HRG coding is not a true reflection of practice, may not capture all the work being done and that there is a mapping issue.
  • In the comment section please comment that this a highly costly area and needs to be reviewed. Also perhaps mention that the T32 and T28 codes should be used more widely in the future to have a positive impact on patient outcome etc … this section is about you and your teams experience of just how expensive this pathway can be.

Step 2 Click and go to this sectionProposed method for determining national prices.

  • On that page, please click  ‘TEND TO OPPOSE/STRONGLY OPPOSE’.
  • Please comment on insufficient funding under FF60A for complex abdominal wall repair comparing it to the NHS RightCare cost methodology mentioned above.
  • Use your own experience of how the new £6450 is not enough for this procedure mention operating time and time for recovery and follow up.

I hope this will give you an insight into this important issue and encourage you to consider responding.

BHS Board