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“To ensure national and international quality in hernia surgery”

We were originally established as a surgical society and professional organization. We participate in and organise regular surgical meetings and workshops. We are involved with teaching, training and guideline development.

We also aim to act as an authoritative objective resource of hernia information for GPs, other doctors and healthcare professionals.

However we recognise that as doctors our fundamental obligation is to our patients and we realise that there is a need for education about hernias.  We therefore plan to develop this website as an unbiased, objective source of information for patients and interested lay people.

We are involved with:

  • Training in new surgical procedures
  • Education – in all aspects of hernia management for trained and trainee surgeons
  • Improving the quality of surgical outcomes assessment
  • Development of national guidelines
  • Research – investigation of new techniques and materials and collaborative research in hernia surgery.

We also act as:

  • A source of information for patients and interested lay people