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Expressions of interest for British Hernia Society Subcommittees

The British Hernia Society will be developing three subcommittees:

  1. Abdominal Wall Reconstruction subcommittee
  2. Hernia Registry subcommittee
  3. Education and Training subcommittee

For each subcommittee it is anticipated that there will be two BHS members, therefore we are looking for a total of six persons.

The subcommittees will be expected to meet virtually at least twice a year as organised by the relevant chairs. The chair will decide the agenda as per the remit which is predetermined by the board of the BHS. The chairs will then report back to the board. The subcommittees will be a welcome introduction to the workings of the BHS and will provide up to date information on research and developments in their respective areas. They also provide a great opportunity for BHS members to become more directly involved in on-going BHS activities.

We invite expressions of interest to be submitted to  britishherniasociety@gmail.com

Please include a short CV and personal statement explaining why you should be on the subcommittee and if you have a preference for which of the three subcommittees you would like to be considered for.  Please can you make this clear in your application.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 15th December 2020.

It is anticipated that the successful candidates will be notified by email by early January 2021.


Expressions of interest for British Hernia Society Patient representative

The British Hernia Society is looking for a patient representative to take up a new position on the Board.

We invite expressions of interest to be submitted to  britishherniasociety@gmail.com

Patient views and feedback form an integral and increasing part in the way doctors/surgeons work towards providing excellence in patient care. To this end the BHS board feel that such representation should not be just a good thought but become a reality as soon as possible.

Hernia surgery has faced many controversies especially over the last few years with mesh use and we feel that a view from a patient is necessary so that any further policy decisions, guidelines and the start of the UK hernia registry should have a balanced approach.

We are keen to hear from all patients irrespective of what you may feel was either a good or not-so-good experience in terms of your hernia repair. The successful candidate will be expected to attend at least one board meeting per year to provide a patient perspective on many decisions that are taken by the board including guidelines.

Please include a short statement explaining why you should be selected.

The closing date is the Tuesday 15th December 2020 with a decision due in early January 2021.