BHS conference 2020

Join us for the Virtual BHS Conference on 2nd and 3rd November


The British Hernia Society will now be running its 11th Conference virtually on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd November 2020.


The theme of the conference is ‘Improving our patients’ outcomes after hernia surgery’.


The programme features a wide range of topics up for discussion and includes specialists from Europe and the Lichtenstein Hernia Centre in the USA.


The conference is aimed at general surgeons and trainees as well as specialist hernia surgeons.


It is open to BHS Members only and is free to attend.  Membership of BHS is free and you can become a member here.


Registration is now open and will close on Wednesday 28th October.




Abstracts can be submitted for presentation in the Free Paper and Virtual Posters session.  The word count is 250 words. The deadline for submission is 31st September 2020.  Abstracts should be submitted by email to:




Day 1: Monday 2nd Nov


Online registration/ login to platform

From 8.30am


Opening address

Chairs: B Stephenson, D Sanders, L Horgan

9.00     Welcome from the congress organisers and format         B Stephenson and D Sanders


Session 1: Primary Ventral Hernia

Chairs: A Bhargava, A Sheen, Trainee tbc

09.10   Top tips: anatomy of the abdominal wall                                                Y Renard

09.30   How to manage a ventral hernia when there is also a divarication?          C Stabilini

10.00   Ventral hernia guidelines – what should we all be doing?                        N Henriksen

10.20   Umbilical hernias, when should we use a mesh?                                     A Montgomery

10.20 – 10.50  Panel discussion and questions from the audience

10.50   Break


Session 2: Free paper session 1 – including research grant winners and travelling fellowship

Chairs: A de Beaux D Light

11.20 -12.30

12.30 -13.30 Break


Session 3: Inguinal hernia

Chairs: B Stephenson, S Smith

13.30   The surgeon as a prognostic factor                                 B East

13.50   How to assess post herniorraphy groin pain                    M Pawlak

14.10   How to treat post herniorraphy groin pain                      D Chen

14.30-15.00 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

15.30-16.30 Break


Session 4: Chair: L Horgan, A Kingsnorth

16.30 – 17.10   Key note lecture: Top tips in hernia surgery: How to make our patients outcomes better                                                               D Chen

17.10-17.30      Panel discussion and questions from the audience

Panel: D Sanders, D Chen, A Windsor, L Horgan, A Kingsnorth


Day 2

9.00-9.20 Presidential Address and BHS Registry                       L Horgan


Session 5: Trainee prize presentations

Chairs: M Simons, M Miserez

9.20 – 10.00

10.00-10.30 Break


Session 6: Incisional Hernia

Chairs: Ali, Sanders, Trainee tbc

10.30   What to do before you operate                                                   S Parker

10.50   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 1?    A Windsor

11.10   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 2?    D Slade

11.30   Managing loss of domain – Botox                                             F Berrevoet

11.50   Managing loss of domain – component separation                      M Miserez

12.10   Managing loss of domain – peritoneal flaps                                A de Beaux

12.30 – 13.00 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

13.00-1400       Break

14.00 – 14.20 BHS Quiz with online voting                                                        B Stephenson


Session 7: Complex cases

14.20-15.10 Panel discussion: Email/ video content in complex cases and panel will discuss what they would do?

S Morales Condes, F Berrevoet, A de Beaux, W Reinpold, D Slade


Session 8: Outcomes

Chairs: M Pawlak, L Horgan

15.10-15.30      Core outcomes in ventral hernia                                    S Parker

15.30-15.50      Reporting Outcomes in hernia surgery                           N Smart

15.50 – 16.00   Delphi results                                                               Michael Wilson

16.00-16.20      Patient perspectives – what outcomes should we measure Sue Blackwell

16.20 – 16.40   Panel discussion and questions from the audience


Close: 16.40 – 17.00     Prize presentation and close