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Welcome to the website of the British Hernia Society

Our aim is to promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the U.K

The British Hernia Society provides leadership with regard to hernia surgery both nationally and internationally. We are involved with  training, keeping surgeons up to date with latest hernia guidelines, and the development of robust outcome assessment for hernia surgery .

We also aim to act as an authoritative unbiased resource of hernia information for surgeons, GPs, other healthcare professionals and patients.  If there is any hernia related information that you cannot find on the site please contact us.

BHS Statement on the RCSEng report by Baroness Kennedy QC

British Hernia Society twitter: @BritishHernia
c/o Royal College of Surgeons of England
Lincoln’s Inn Field

23rd June 2021

BHS Statement on the RCSEng report by Baroness Kennedy QC


The BHS would first of all like to congratulate Professor Neil Mortensen, President of the RCS of England for commissioning this important review of equality and diversity both examining the College’s role as well as the wider surgical community.

The BHS understands from the findings that although more work needs to be undertaken to remove any subconscious bias that may have played a role in there being a lack of diversity in surgery, the College has already seen a change in the make-up of its council to be more representative of the community it serves.

The BHS is aware of the need for inclusivity and aims to ensure that the board and subcommittees are reflective of the surgical population which we represent. There is no shortage of diversity and as a speciality we recognise that we are lucky to have so many skilled individuals from such differing backgrounds. To that end, the BHS board members already demonstrate good representation from ethnic minorities, women, and an SAS doctor. We have also ensured representation across the UK with both Scottish and Welsh positions as well as having an Irish board representative.

The BHS will strive to continue to educate the Surgeons of the future both in the UK and wider afield in addition to ensuring where possible that areas of our society which may be disadvantaged due to lower per head income, lack of access to education and cultural differences know that surgery is a field that is open to them with a moto of inclusivity, equality and diversity as our core fundamental principles.

The BHS board will endeavour and continue to work with our fellow surgical societies as well as all the Royal Colleges on equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Only together we can become stronger.

Aali Sheen, President of BHS

David Sanders, Secretary/ President Elect of BHS

On behalf of the Board of the BHS

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