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To promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the U.K

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We participate in and organise regular surgical
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To provide an unbiased, objective source of information
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Welcome to the website of the British Hernia Society

Our aim is to promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the U.K

The British Hernia Society provides leadership with regard to hernia surgery both nationally and internationally. We are involved with  training, keeping surgeons up to date with latest hernia guidelines, and the development of robust outcome assessment for hernia surgery .

We also aim to act as an authoritative unbiased resource of hernia information for surgeons, GPs, other healthcare professionals and patients.  If there is any hernia related information that you cannot find on the site please contact us.

President’s Xmas message

Dear BHS members

In my first year as BHS President, I would like to first of all wish you well for what seasonal activities have been bestowed upon us by not only our government but by the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. As clinicians we have all been affected this year by Covid 19, both in a personal and professional capacity. It goes without saying that we all know someone who has suffered as a consequence of this virus, for which our colleagues have now produced a vaccine, providing a glimmer of hope for mankind. It has though, without question, ensured that this Christmas will be remembered for many years to come. As a society we will continue to provide what necessary support we can to both our members and patients in this regard. The BHS board will continue to reach out to all and covets the very premise of sharing, caring and happiness for everyone at Christmas. We are all hoping that 2021 will bring back some normality. On behalf of the Board, our warmest regards for Christmas and best wishes for the New year




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