Intro for the Home Page

Welcome to the website of the British Hernia Society

Our aim is to promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the U.K

The British Hernia Society provides leadership with regard to hernia surgery both nationally and internationally. We are involved with  training, keeping surgeons up to date with latest hernia guidelines, and the development of robust outcome assessment for hernia surgery .

We also aim to act as an authoritative unbiased resource of hernia information for surgeons, GPs, other healthcare professionals and patients.  If there is any hernia related information that you cannot find on the site please contact us.


Patient representatives on Board and Subcommittee positions

Following applications for our three sub committees as well as patient representative(s) on the Board, I have pleasure in announcing that the following persons were successful:

Patient representatives on the Board are:

  • Ms Jackie Bullock
  • Ms Susannah Hill


  • Mr Dominic Slade
  • Mr Sanjoy Basu
  • Mr Oliver Warren
  • Mr Jonathan Hodgkinson

Education & Training

  • Mr Srinivasan Balchandra
  • Mr Christian Wakefield
  • Mr Duncan Scrimgeour
  • Mr Balendra Kumar

Hernia Registry

  • Ms Nasra Alam
  • Mr John Findlay
  • Mr Andrei Mihailescu
  • Ms Sue Blackwell (Patient)


The BHS is very grateful for the number of very strong applications it received, all of whom were worthy of a place on our committees, as it shows the strength of the society. I must emphasise that this highlights the continued interest in hernia surgery throughout the U.K.

I’m sure with these subcommittees the BHS will become even stronger and continue to promote hernia surgery not only in the UK, but throughout the world. I would like to congratulate all of those who have been successful on this occasion.


Aali Sheen

President of BHS