Day 1: Monday 2nd Nov


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From 8.30am


Opening address

Chairs: B Stephenson, D Sanders, L Horgan

9.00     Welcome from the congress organisers and format         B Stephenson and D Sanders


Session 1: Primary Ventral Hernia

Chairs: A Bhargava, A Sheen, Trainee tbc

09.10   Top tips: anatomy of the abdominal wall                                                Y Renard

09.30   How to manage a ventral hernia when there is also a divarication?          C Stabilini

10.00   Ventral hernia guidelines – what should we all be doing?                        N Henriksen

10.20   Umbilical hernias, when should we use a mesh?                                     A Montgomery

10.20 – 10.50  Panel discussion and questions from the audience

10.50   Break


Session 2: Free paper session 1 – including research grant winners and travelling fellowship

Chairs: A de Beaux D Light

11.20 -12.30

12.30 -13.30 Break


Session 3: Inguinal hernia

Chairs: B Stephenson, S Smith

13.30   The surgeon as a prognostic factor                                 B East

13.50   How to assess post herniorraphy groin pain                    M Pawlak

14.10   How to treat post herniorraphy groin pain                      D Chen

14.30-15.00 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

15.30-16.30 Break


Session 4: Chair: L Horgan, A Kingsnorth

16.30 – 17.10   Key note lecture: Top tips in hernia surgery: How to make our patients outcomes better                                                               D Chen

17.10-17.30      Panel discussion and questions from the audience

Panel: D Sanders, D Chen, A Windsor, L Horgan, A Kingsnorth


Day 2

9.00-9.20 Presidential Address and BHS Registry                       L Horgan


Session 5: Trainee prize presentations

Chairs: M Simons, M Miserez

9.20 – 10.00

10.00-10.30 Break


Session 6: Incisional Hernia

Chairs: Ali, Sanders, Trainee tbc

10.30   What to do before you operate                                                   S Parker

10.50   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 1?    A Windsor

11.10   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 2?    D Slade

11.30   Managing loss of domain – Botox                                             F Berrevoet

11.50   Managing loss of domain – component separation                      M Miserez

12.10   Managing loss of domain – peritoneal flaps                                A de Beaux

12.30 – 13.00 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

13.00-1400       Break

14.00 – 14.20 BHS Quiz with online voting                                                        B Stephenson


Session 7: Complex cases

14.20-15.10 Panel discussion: Email/ video content in complex cases and panel will discuss what they would do?

S Morales Condes, F Berrevoet, A de Beaux, W Reinpold, D Slade


Session 8: Outcomes

Chairs: M Pawlak, L Horgan

15.10-15.30      Core outcomes in ventral hernia                                    S Parker

15.30-15.50      Reporting Outcomes in hernia surgery                           N Smart

15.50 – 16.00   Delphi results                                                               Michael Wilson

16.00-16.20      Patient perspectives – what outcomes should we measure Sue Blackwell

16.20 – 16.40   Panel discussion and questions from the audience


Close: 16.40 – 17.00     Prize presentation and close