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Day 1: Monday 2nd Nov


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From 8.45am


Opening address

Chairs: B Stephenson, D Sanders, L Horgan

9.00     Welcome from the congress organisers and format
B Stephenson & D Sanders

Session 1: Primary Ventral Hernia

Chairs:  A Sheen , J Findlay & Harsha Jayamanne

09.10   Top tips: anatomy of the abdominal wall
Y Renard

09.30   How to manage a ventral hernia when there is also a divarication?
C Stabilini

10.00   Ventral hernia guidelines – when to use mesh
N Henriksen & A Montgomery

10.30   Panel discussion and questions from the audience

10.50   Industry Symposium: BD Bard
Long term resorbable mesh in a AWR and Hiatal Hernia Repair
(Supported by long term data and clinical experience)
J S Roth

11.20   Break

Session 2: Free paper session 1

Chairs: A de Beaux & D Light

11.30    FP1 Quality of life following primary parastomal hernia repair: a pilot study
K Barrett

11.40    FP2 Safety of using mesh in repair of strangulated groin hernia requiring
bowel resection:  a systematic review and meta-analysis
T Gala

11.50    FP3 A National Survey of Hernia Services and Surgeons: Review of
Current Practices Within the UK in association with the British Hernia Society
T Grove

12.00    FP4  Small Bites Technique for Closure of Emergency Laparotomy
J Hornsby

12.10    FP5  A systematic review of outcome reporting in incisional hernia surgery
C Thomas

12.20    Comparison Of Inguinodynia in patients undergoing prophylactic Ilioinguinal
neurectomy vs no neurectomy in Lichtenstein mesh hernioplasty.
Z Zafar Hashmi

12.30   Break

13.00  Industry Symposium: BBraun
Subcostal incisional hernia repair made easy
A de Beaux 

13.15   Break

Session 3: Inguinal hernia

Chairs: B Stephenson & S Smith

13.30   The surgeon as a prognostic factor
B East 

13.50   How to assess post herniorraphy groin pain
M Pawlak 

14.10   How to treat post herniorraphy groin pain
D Chen  

14.30 Panel discussion and questions from the audience
Panel: B East, M Pawlak, D Chen

15.30  Industry Sponsored Symposium: Data driven incisional hernia repair                                                                            N Henriksen

16.00  Break

Session 4: Keynote Lecture

Chairs: L Horgan & A Kingsnorth

16.30 Key note lecture: Top tips in hernia surgery: How to make our patients outcomes better                                            D Chen

17.10  Panel discussion and questions from the audience
Panel: D Sanders, D Chen, A Windsor, L Horgan, A Kingsnorth

17.30  Close

Day 2 Tuesday 3rd November

08.15  Industry Symposium – AdMedSol
Staying ahead of the curve with altraumatic hernia mesh fixation
P Wilson

9.00 Presidential Address and BHS Registry
L Horgan

Session 5: Trainee prize presentations

Chairs: M Simons & M Miserez

09.20 Should surgeons repair symptomatic, clinically occult, radiologically
evident (SCORE) inguinal hernias? A case-control study of
patient-reported outcomes
B Farquharson

09.28 The development and validation of risk stratification models for
short-term outcomes following contaminated complex abdominal wall
J Hodgkinson

09.36 A Qualitative Investigation of the Quality of Life (QoL) domains
important to Patients with Complex Abdominal Wall Hernia (CAWH) –
the initial analysis.
O Smith

09.44    Exploration of variation in Management of Acutely Symptomatic Hernia
– results from the MASH practice survey.
O Spence

09.52    The experimental methodology and comparators used for in vivo hernia
mesh testing; a ten year scoping review
T Whitehead-Clarke

10.00    Break

10.10    Industry Symposium: WL Gore
Current status of CAWR in the UK
D Slade 

Session 6: Incisional Hernia

Chairs: O Ali & D Sanders

10.30   What to do before you operate
S Parker 

10.50   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 1?
A Windsor

11.10   Disasters in incisional hernia repair and how to avoid them 2?
D Slade

11.30   Managing loss of domain – Botox
F Berrevoet

11.50   Managing loss of domain – component separation
M Miserez

12.10   Managing loss of domain – peritoneal flaps
A de Beaux

12.30  Panel discussion and questions from the audience

13.00 Industry Symposium: Medtronic
Optimising the day case patient journey for inguinal hernia repair
D Light

13.30  Break

13.50 BHS Quiz hosted by B Stephenson     
Session 7: Complex cases

Chair: D Sanders

14.20 Panel discussion: Email/ video content in complex cases and panel will discuss what they would do?
Panel: S Morales Condes, F Berrevoet, A de Beaux, W Reinpold, D Slade

Session 8: Outcomes

Chairs: M Pawlak & L Horgan

15.10 Core outcomes in ventral hernia
S Parker

15.30 Reporting Outcomes in hernia surgery
 N Smart

15.50 Delphi results
M Wilson

16.00 Patient perspectives – what outcomes should we measure
S Blackwell

16.20 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

16.40 Prize presentation and close