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Virtual Posters

Please click on the links below to view the 2020 Virtual Posters.

VP1 Spinal Anaesthesia Versus General Anaesthesia During Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Repair of Inguinal Hernia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
VP2 Emergency repair of femoral hernia in the North of England; a 15-year retrospective cohort study.
VP3 Patient demographics and outcomes following acute presentation with femoral hernia; a 15-year retrospective cohort study from the North of England. 
VP4 Driving forward the improvement of the provision and documentation of driving advice on discharge following elective day case inguinal hernia repair surgery
VP5 Outcome of large incisional hernia repair in dialysis and Renal Transplant patients
VP6 Long term results of Progrip mesh for retro-muscular repair of ventral hernia
VP7 Using Liquiband®Fix as a method of mesh fixation in TAPP Inguinal hernia repair: A single centre experience.
VP8 Evaluation of the Ventral Hernia Working Group classification for long-term outcome using English Hospital Episode Statistics: a population study. 
VP9 An audit on Current Use of Procedure specific Consent forms for inguinal hernia repair
VP10 Diaphragmatic Hernia Causing Intestinal Obstruction with Liver Lobe Involvement; a Case
VP11 Elective laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair- an audit of departmental practice
VP12 Elective open inguinal hernia – a missed training opportunity?
VP13 Hernioscopy: a valid technique to explore the abdominal cavity in incarcerated hernias that spontaneously retract over the general Anaesthesia induction
VP14 Unnecessary restrictions after inguinal hernia repair: a closed loop audit
VP15 Laparoscopic trans abdominal preperitoneal (tapp) approach of lateral infra umbilical incisional hernia repair: a valid approach for management 
VP16 A 12-month audit of the British Hernia Society (BHS) quality standards for elective groin hernia repair at a high-volume centre: A re-audit
VP17 Minimally Invasive surgery at midnight? A case of acute large bowel obstruction due to incarcerated recurrent inguinal  hernia treated with TAPP technique.
VP18 Post-operative outcomes using ONSTEP inguinal hernia repair – The First UK Case Series
VP19 The impact of body mass index on inguinal hernia repair under local anaesthesia
VP20 Stomach in a parastomal hernia: a rare complication of stomas.
VP21 Is the use of mesh in inguinal hernia repair redundant?
VP22 Open versus Laparoscopic functional Chronic Groin Pain: Is there a difference
VP23 ADPKD: A significant risk factor for renal transplant-related incisional hernias
VP24 Outcomes of primary and recurrent inguinal hernia repair with prosthetic mesh in a single region over 15 years
VP25 Preliminary results of a pilot observational study of PROMs for inguinal hernia repair
VP26 Long term analysis of the evolution of practice and results of abdominal wall reconstruction by a single surgeon