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BJS Award

BJS Award 2025 fact sheet

  • The next BJS Award will be presented in June 2025. 
  • The nomination window for the BJS Award 2025 is due to open on Tuesday 2 April and will close on Friday 21 June 2024, there will be no extension of the deadline.

Background information:

  • BJS Foundation has established a prestigious international award to recognise excellence in surgical science.
  • The award recognises a discovery, innovation or scientific study within the field of surgery that has changed clinical practice with profound impact on patient care.
  • The winner is awarded with:
    • €100,000
    • A medal
    • A framed diploma
    • An invitation to the Award ceremony and dinner with a guest
    • A BJS Academy webinar
  • The BJS Award forms part of the BJS Foundations international outreach programme. The Foundation has therefore pledged to donate to surgical educational development and the BJS Foundation Charity Committee.
  • The inaugural BJS Award winner was Professor Henrik Kehlet for his scientific achievements in peri-operative care, which profoundly changed clinical practice in many fields of surgery globally.

Important points for nominators to consider:

  • Nominations must be proposed by experts within the surgical community.
  • Nominations by an organisation or self-nominations are not permitted.
  • Nominations must be confidential and must not be communicated with the nominee. Any breach of confidentiality will result in disqualification for the prize.
  • Nominations should be in a specific field of surgical science, and nominations that fall outside of the strict purpose of the award, including humanitarian or lifetime achievement nominations, will not be considered.
  • Nominees must be living and recognized as surgical specialists, i.e., hold a certificate or diploma in surgery (no posthumous nominations will be considered).
  • The candidate should not be a current member of the BJS Foundation Award Committee, BJS Foundation Council or work as a BJS/BJS Open editor.

For more information:

  • Refer to the presentation prepared by Anders Bergenfelz available here.
  • Refer to the BJS Award website page where you can find the background information and the guidelines for submitting a nomination.
  • Refer to the BJS Award 2023 website page where you can find all content related to the presentation of the 2023 BJS Award to Professor Henrik Kehlet.

How to make a nomination:

To propose a nomination for the BJS Award 2025:

·       Submit via the online form available on the webpage

·       Click on the link and create an account, you will be sent an email to verify your email address.  Once you have verified your email address you will be redirected to the online submission form

·       Should you need to complete your form at a later date you can exit the form, which will automatically save the information already inputted.  When ready to complete your nomination log into your account using your account credentials

·       Once you are ready, click submit to finalise your nomination

·       Please note once you have submitted your form you will be unable to edit further


For more information visit the BJS Award guidelines for nominator.

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