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British Hernia Society Registry

What is the BHS Registry

For over 20 years in the UK and Ireland, there have been calls from patients, healthcare professionals, specialist societies and industry for a comprehensive hernia registry to continuously and consistently collect data on a national scale and evaluate meaningful outcomes to improve the quality of patient care. Over 100,000 hernia repairs are carried out in the UK and Ireland every year and there is strong support from the surgical community towards the establishment of a registry.

The registry will, permit large-scale, cost-effective embedded research, guide product development, track outcomes across a lifetime, and, therefore, improve patient safety.

Registry website

Visit the registry website and register to access the database and further information

Aims of the BHS Registry

  • Improve patient care
  • Benchmarking of methods and standards
  • Monitoring current practise and variation
  • Disease Epidemiology
  • Future research, efficacy innovation and transparency
  • Patient decision making

Registry sub committee

Visit our sub committee page to meet the BHS registry sub committee members.

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