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National Open Abdomen Audit (NOAA)

National Open Abdomen Audit (NOAA)

NOAA is 12-month audit of the current management and outcomes in patients with open abdomens across the UK. Comparison of UK with European practice suggests we may not be managing these patients well with mortality in UK 30% (vs EU 22%) and morbidity from fistulation at 12 (EU 3%). There is no national guidance on management of these patients and we urgently need to address this knowledge gap. We aim to collect contemporaneous data from across the UK to generate a comprehensive database and build national guidelines on best practice.

Objectives of NOAA:

  • Describe national variability in the management of the open abdomen.
  • Which treatment modalities are actually being used and what impact do they have on morbidity and mortality?
  • Assess post operative outcomes at 90 days, including mortality, delayed abdominal wall closure, planned ventral hernia, number of procedures to closure, fistula formation, and the development of acute severe intestinal failure.

Participation and authorship:

  • Any hospital that has general surgery and looks after patients with an open abdomen.
  • Only local approvals for audit required.
  • All collaborators will be included in publications generated from this data and PubMed citable.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries / complete the expression of interest form.
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