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EHS Congress 2022

EHS/BHS Congress 2022

18th to 21st October 2022, Manchester

The board of the British hernia society would like to highly recommend that you set aside the dates 18th to 21st October 2022, so that you can register and attend the European Hernia Society Congress in Manchester.

The dates have now changed to accommodate the change in dates of the joint EHS/AHS Copenhagen 2021 Congress to October as a result of the effects of the Covid pandemic

The BHS continues to be delighted that the EHS has chosen Manchester for its 2022 meeting and the hard work with Professor Aali Sheen and his local organizing committee in organising a great event.

This will be the first hernia congress in the U.K after leaving the EU and it will therefore be so important for us in the UK to show that we are very much a part of Europe especially from our perspective as clinicians and surgeons. Across Europe U.K surgeons have played a major role in developing the innovative concepts in hernia surgery with particular involvement in international guidelines and large multi-centre randomised trials.

This meeting will be set in one of Europe’s leading cities of culture with a large diverse European as well as multi-cultural and ethnic population housing some of the UKs finest restaurants and hotels.

Professor Sheen is the Congress chair and will be looking to have a diverse faculty from the UK and internationally covering many new as well as historical controversies in hernia surgery with a proposed courtroom drama and debates on mesh v non-mesh repairs.

The program will be examining the latest in hernia mesh technology and scientific advances, as well as providing ample learning opportunities for trainees with video sessions and possibly live operating.

We hope to have the largest presentation of oral abstracts in the history of the EHS, thereby encouraging participation from trainees to further their development with international presentations.

The BHS will not run a separate annual general meeting in 2022 but will instead make the Manchester EHS Congress its main focus in 2022.

Provisional Expected schedule

Registration opens

Abstract deadline

Congress dates


1st July 2021

15th July 2022

BHS Education Seminars 17th Oct 2022

18th to 21st October 20211

Local Organising Committee

  • Prof Aali Sheen – Chair
  • Miss Stella Smith
  • Mr Christian Macutkiewicz
  • Mr Nick Stylianides
  • Mr Nadeem Khwaja
  • Mr Andrzej Goscimski
  • Ms Nasra Alam
  • Mr James Pilkington
  • BHS Board

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