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Membership renewal

Thank you for renewing your membership

We have changed our process of membership to an annual membership. We feel it is important to have an active membership of the society. Your free membership will automatically expire in one year and you will be notified by an email one month prior to the expiration date.

How do I renew my membership?

1 Click on membership button at the top of the website or in here, to go to your account page
british hernia society




2. Click “Subscriptions” button immediately under your certificate.




3. Click on renew link to complete the renewal




You will then successfully renew your free membership for another year !

What if the membership has already expired?

You can still retain your membership. Follow the same procedure shown above. But this time your membership status will show as No . Instead of Renew , you will be asked to re-subscribe for another year.

If you find any difficulty please contact us by emailing to britishherniasociety@gmail.com