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Hernia Masterclass Webinar Series

The British Hernia Society is delighted to partner with the RCS Edinburgh Surgical Specialty Board in General Surgery in our first ‘Hernia Masterclass Webinar Series’ focussing on the state-of-the-art management of hernias. This series has been carefully designed to take the participants through essential aspects of hernia management covering anatomy, surgical strategies, operative techniques and ‘dealing with difficult cases’.

This series will be suitable for general surgeons at all stages of career. We are particularly keen to encourage surgical trainees in UK and internationally to attend this series. The RCSEd Surgical Specialty Board is committed to address the training needs of our surgical trainees whose training has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

BHS/RCSEdin Hernia Masterclass

2-3 speakers each session – 20min x2 each, 10 min Q&A, 5min Intro and Close

Date Session Title Speakers


Anatomy and Radiology

  • Anatomy of the abdominal wall
  • Radiology in hernia for surgeons

  • Mr Dimitrios Damaskos
  • Mr Al Windsor

Emergency Hernia Management

  • The role of Laparoscopy in groin hernia management
  • Incisional/Primary ventral hernias – An algorithm of approach</span

  • Mr Duncan Light
  • Mr David Sanders

Setting up a CAWH service and optimising patients before surgery

  • Setting up a AWR service
  • Patient optimisation

  • Mr Chitsabesan
  • Mr Al Windsor

Complex Abdominal Wall Hernia Part 2

  • Epigastric & umbilical hernias
  • Management of incisional hernias

  • Ms Stella Smith
  • Mr Toby Hammond

Groin Hernia – Part 1 “Approach 101”

  • To operate or not?
  • Surgical approach consideration (Lap/open)

  • Mr Andrew Robertson
  • Mr Dermot Hehir

Groin Hernia – Part 2 “Dealing with difficult cases”

  • Chronic Groin pain
  • Hernias under LA

  • Mr Aali Sheen
  • Mr Brian Stephenson

Parastomal Hernias

  • Presentations
  • Operative approaches

  • Ms Oroog Ali
  • Mr Neil Smart

“The Open Abdomen”

  • An introduction
  • Management principles

  • Mr Dominic Slade
  • <

  • Mr Jeff Garner