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BHS Surgical Trainee Representative

Applications are welcomed from trainee surgeons in the U.K to join the BHS board as the trainee rep. for a period of two years or until their Consultant appointment if this should fall within the two-year period. The trainee will represent the views of trainee surgeons in the UK and play a role in the educational hernia events that are organised by the BHS. The applicant must be a member of the BHS and a hernia interest is desirable but not essential and consideration will be given to trainees that have presented or published in the field of hernia surgery as well as represented trainees at local or national level.

Please send a 2-page brief CV as well as an outline as to why you should be considered for this role to the Secretary of the BHS via email

For any more information please contact the President Prof Aali Sheen

Closing date for applications is set for Thursday 2nd December 2021.

David Sanders

BHS Secretary/ President Elect

Aali Sheen

BHS President

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