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Groin hernia and you

Groin hernia and you What is a groin hernia What causes groin hernia What are the symptoms How are groin hernias diagnosed Does my groin hernia need to be treated? What does surgery involve? Which operation should I have? When will I go home? What are the risks of surgery? How do I prepare for …

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BHS awards 2019

Travel awards 2019 Travel grants 2019 to attend EHS Hamburg 1. Sujay Shah, University College in London 2. Jola Olugbemi, West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds 3. Nader Habib Bedwani, King George Hospital, Ilford 4. James Pilkington, Manchester University Foundation Trust BHS Research awards 2019 A Sayers National collaboration (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT as lead …

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BHS Research awards 2021

British Hernia Society 2021 Research Awards Winners Following the our advertisement via website and the newsletters, we had a very successful round of research applicants for the BHS research award. They were all of an excellent calibre; the board decided to award grants to three applications as listed below. It’s always difficult to choose, more …

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Privacy statement

Your Privacy As the British Hernia Society, we take the privacy of our members seriously. Registration data and email addresses are held securely. It is not used for any commercial activity. All emails sent to the membership are sent with agreement from the board members of the society. Emails will principally be on BHS matters and …

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Susannah Hill

Patient representative Susannah required abdominal wall reconstruction surgery after suffering major complications from prior surgery. She describes how the abdominal reconstruction not only brought physical benefits, but having her tummy look beautiful again, has helped reduce her post-traumatic stress triggers. She hopes that with continued surgical advances that this surgery will become an option for …

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Jackie Bullock

Patient representative Jackie’s interest in hernia stems from her own hernia journey. Following surgery in 2015 she was left with multiple incisional hernia which were repaired using mesh. Jackie is fully able to understand why patients associate post-operative pain with mesh as she did this herself for several years, however through discussions on social media …

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Nasra Alam

Surgical trainee representative

Nasra Alam is a specialist registrar in General and Colorectal Surgery, rotating through hospitals in the North West of England.

She has a keen interest in hernia surgery, in particular abdominal wall reconstruction and has presented at multiple hernia conferences and courses in relation to these areas.

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