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Join 1305 of our members

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Jackie Bullock

Patient representative Jackie’s interest in hernia stems from her own hernia journey. Following surgery in 2015 she was left with multiple incisional hernia which were repaired using mesh. Jackie is fully able to understand why patients associate post-operative pain with mesh as she did this herself for several years, however through discussions on social media …

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Susannah Hill

Patient representative Susannah required abdominal wall reconstruction surgery after suffering major complications from prior surgery. She describes how the abdominal reconstruction not only brought physical benefits, but having her tummy look beautiful again, has helped reduce her post-traumatic stress triggers. She hopes that with continued surgical advances that this surgery will become an option for …

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Nasra Alam

Surgical trainee representative

Nasra Alam is a specialist registrar in General and Colorectal Surgery, rotating through hospitals in the North West of England.

She has a keen interest in hernia surgery, in particular abdominal wall reconstruction and has presented at multiple hernia conferences and courses in relation to these areas.

Brian Stephenson

Ordinary Board Member Brian Stephenson has a wide experience in all aspects of elective and emergency surgeryhaving trained in London, Leeds and South Wales after spending sometime as a missionsurgeon in South Africa. He still works with the charity ‘Hernia International’.He was appointed Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon to the Royal GwentHospital in Wales over …

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Dermot Hehir

Ireland Representative Dermot received his undergraduate education at NUI Galway. Postgraduate training was in Ireland and UK with a fellowship in Boston MA. he is Adj Clin Professor of Surgery at Limerick University Medical School and Surgical Tutor  at Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore.His surgical interests include laparoscopy, promoting excellence in hernia surgery, the introduction of …

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Dimitrios Damaskos

Scotland representative Born and raised in Greece. Post graduate training at the General Hospital of Nikaia-Piraeus, Greece. Training in General and Emergency Surgery, rotation in ICU – Thoracic Surgery – Neurosurgery from 2007 to 2013. Emergency Medicine Consultant, Centre Hospitalier de Jolimont, La Louviere, Belgium, 2014-2015. Post CCT Fellow in Emergency General Surgery, John Radcliffe …

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Praminthra Chitsabesan

Education and Training/North East Representative Praminthra Chitsabesan is a Laparoscopic Colorectal and General Surgeon with specialist experience in Cancer, Pelvic floor disease and Abdominal wall reconstruction. He completed his training in the North-Eastern Deanery and then a fellowship in Basingstoke as a Laparoscopic and Advanced Malignancy Open Colorectal Fellow. He is currently the Colorectal Lead …

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Oroog Ali

Education Secretary Miss Oroog Ali is a specialist registrar in general and colorectal surgery based in the North East of England. She has a keen interest in education and training conducting national surgical courses, conferences and training days. She is a surgical mentor to students and trainees and has obtained the NHS Leadership Academy Award …

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